ThetaHealing™ is a healing modality developed by Vianna Stibal that allows the practitioner to facilitate instant changes in a client’s physical body and belief systems.

ThetaHealing has essentially applied quantum physics. Using a theta brain wave, which until now was believed to be accessible only in deep sleep or yogi-level meditation, the practitioner is able to connect with the energy of All That Is to identify issues with and witness healings on the physical body, and to identify and change limiting beliefs.

Each of us creates everything in our lives. We draw to us people and experiences based on our belief systems. These beliefs function like computer programs, creating for us wealth or poverty, sickness or health, success or failure, loneliness or interconnectedness. Everything is our creation.

The beliefs we hold are almost entirely subconscious. Some beliefs are formed based on our experiences: We touch fire. It burns us. We form the belief that fire burns. And this serves us.

Not all beliefs serve us. Perhaps we grow up in a home with two very successful parents, both of whom are unhappy. At the age of 4 we decide that success makes people unhappy. Perhaps this belief does not serve us as we struggle and fail to achieve what we would create for ourselves at 30 or 40. The majority of beliefs formed in this lifetime were created by the age of 4. You can see how this might limit us!

In addition, we have beliefs that were passed down to us in our DNA. We are born with beliefs, held at the level of the soul. And we acquire beliefs from the collective consciousness, the groups and societies we live in, and from history. The majority of these are subconscious. But they run like computer programs, dictating our experiences and creating our lives.

With ThetaHealing, you can choose your beliefs and consciously create your life. You can heal physical ailments, and reprogram yourself for abundance, success, love, happiness and anything else you can imagine.

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Vianna Stibal is a grandmother & great grandmother, an artist and a writer. Her natural charisma and compassion for those in need of help have also given her the ability to be titled intuitive and teacher.

After being taught how to connect with the Creator to co-create and facilitate this unique process called ThetaHealing®, Vianna knew that she must share this gift with as many people as she could. It was this love and appreciation for the Creator and humankind that allowed her to develop the ability to see clearly into the human body and witness many instantaneous healings.

Her encyclopedic knowledge of the body’s systems and deep understanding of the human psyche, based on her own experience as well as the insight given to her by the Creator, makes Vianna the perfect practitioner of this amazing technique. She has successfully worked with such medical challenges as Hepatitis C, Epstein-Barr, AIDS, herpes, tumors, various types of cancers, and many other conditions, diseases and genetic defects.

Vianna knows that the ThetaHealing® technique is teachable, but beyond that she knows that it needs to be taught. Vianna conducts seminars all over the world to teach people of all races, beliefs and religions. She has trained teachers and practitioners who are working in fourteen countries, but her work will not stop there! Vianna is committed to spreading this healing paradigm throughout the world.

ThetaHealing sessions include:

• The “Digging Process” which uncovers subconscious beliefs.

• Muscle testing to verify existing patterns and confirm the new healing programs are working. (If you are not comfortable with muscle testing, chakra sensing or the standing pendulum method can also be incorporated.)

• Accessing a Theta brain-wave state.

• Removing old programs, and downloading new, healthier, positive ones.

• Optional – Change the energy imprint of one’s DNA.

Most techniques designed to change our state of being or belief systems, such as positive affirmations or mantras, start from our conscious mind and work their way in. Theta Healing starts with the subconscious mind and works its way out, creating spectacular results in a much more timely and effective process!

You have to experience it to believe it. Healing has never been this easy!


ThetaHealing – Benefits

ThetaHealing is by far the fastest and most effective healing you can experience. The instant results achievable with ThetaHealing are amazing and miraculous.

Below are a few examples of how ThetaHealing can help resolve limiting beliefs, feelings and fears in various areas of your life:

Spiritual Growth:

ThetaHealing can positively enhance your spiritual journey now; by reconnecting with the higher power you may call God/Creator allowing you a clear and direct communication with ‘The Creator of All That Is’. This will enhance and boost your spiritual growth in every direction with the full support of Creator. Negative beliefs, oaths or programmes to do with your relationship with Creator can be instantly resolved and replaced with a pure connection to Source.


ThetaHealing clears blocks and obstacles you may be experiencing within your creative expression. By allowing a deep healing to take place, unlimited creative energy will flow within you and project outwards for all to see and experience, thus enhancing your writing, acting, singing, dancing, painting, drawing, poetry and all other areas of creative expression.


Sometimes we may have experienced setbacks on our journey that leave us feeling somewhat inadequate. ThetaHealing will help you in areas such as low confidence and lack of self esteem by finding the root cause and instantly replacing it with positive feelings, confidence and the ability to shine again.


ThetaHealing can help you release negative emotions that are not serving your highest purpose. Instantly resolving deep negative emotional issues is a truly amazing experience that will transform your life for the better. Deeply held negative emotions will cause you emotional and sometimes physical pain and by getting to the root core of the issue both these aspects are instantly resolved with remarkable effects.


ThetaHealing allows you enhance your abilities within your career and even shows you which career to take if you are at a crossroads. Again, negative beliefs, feelings and programmes can make you feel very stuck. ThetaHealing instantly clears these “stuck” feelings and gives you back the drive, energy and enthusiasm to do what you should be doing as opposed to feeling “stuck”.


Sometimes people feel very disconnected and unsupported due to upbringing or childhood experiences. ThetaHealing gives you the ability to truly know what it feels like to have a healthy home and to have a family’s love and support. Allowing you to feel vibrant and supported once again.


ThetaHealing allows you to find harmony within and in so doing, finding harmony with others. Your relationships are a true mirror of your own inner relationship with yourself. By resolving issues, negative beliefs and feelings within you, you will find your relationships reach new levels which reflect that which is within you.


Negative beliefs surrounding finance and money are rife in the world today. It seems everyone is wanting more and more. The truth is… you can have it! Release your negative beliefs surrounding your relationship with money and watch how abundance suddenly enters your life.

Health and Well Being:

ThetaHealing can help you understand the true root of health problems you may be experiencing. By performing an energetic body scan we can see what is going on within your body and find out the negative emotions, feelings and beliefs that are causing it. Theta Healing will also re-energize your entire being giving you back that health and vitality feeling again.

Fun and Recreation:

Life is about balance, and if you’re not having any fun then you should start now! With a ThetaHealing session we can get to the root of any issue, resolve it, heal it and replace it with a positivity that will leave you loving life and feeling amazing.

Other areas ThetaHealing can help:

· Addictions

· Allergies

· Anger Management

· Anxiety

· Bereavement

· Commitment Phobia

· Confidence

· Depression

· Drug Abuse

· Emotional Issues

· Fears

· Guilt

· Health Issues

· Jealousy

· Loneliness

· Motivation

· Negative Emotions and Thoughts

· Obsessions

· Panic Attacks

· Personal Development Phobias

· Rejection

· Self-Confidence

· Sexual Issues

· Shame

· Shyness

· Stage Fright

· Stress

· Trauma

· Unhappiness

· Worry




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