People usually visit a psychologist or a spiritual healer at that point in life when they feel they are surrounded by darkness only and there is no escape from it. Similar was the case with me. When I met Bhawna ji, I was in such a turmoil state of mind that depression seem to be simply increasing and becoming unbearable. Though | used to be very fun loving and bubbly person but at that time I was too low in confidence and moral due to my in-laws, which had increased after my daughter’s birth. Meeting Bhawna ji was like finding a ray of hope. Her composure and soft soothing voice with excellent and patient listening ability made me having faith in her. Her Tarot Card reading ability and good counselling acted as my torch. I not only started feeling better but starting gaining confidence. I even started enjoying life which somehow I had stopped after having rift with my in-laws. Even now whenever I feel low I just give a call to Bhawna ji who like a true friend listens to me and guides me. I wish that many people are benefitted by her. May God bless her!