Bach Flowers

Bach Flowers

Bach flower remedies commonly known as flower remedy was
discovered by Dr. Edward Bach in the year 1917.  It is a set of 38
individual flower essences made from nature’s flowers and are totally
natural and safe for us to consume.
Bach Flowers are a wonderful tool to keep your balance in everyday
life. Each of these flower remedies aims to cure a particular negative
mental / emotional state such as stress, anger, revenge, fears, guilt,
worry, anxiety, indecision, hatred, trauma, depression etc. These
remedies heal the negative emotions that cause physical distress in our
body. The remedies can restore emotions like worry, hatred and
indecision by connecting the person to inner peace and harmony, which
stimulates the body’s ability to heal itself. They work primarily on the
emotional level, but since the body and mind cannot be viewed as
separate so their effect is overall.
Bach flower remedies have a very soothing and subtle way of working
on you without giving you any harsh or jarring effects. They gently work
on your emotions by uplifting your vibrations.

It is just like Dr. Bach, the founder of Bach Flowers said:
“Health depends on being in harmony with your soul.” Edward
Bach, 1932

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