Dr. Bhawna Bhardwaj
Co-Creator, Facilitator
ThetaHealing Instructor 
Reiki Grand Master 
Tarot Card Reader 
Angel Healing & Reading Facilitator
Spiritual & Psychic Educator 
Past Life Regression Facilitator
My Spiritual Journey in this life started in 2004 with Reiki after my Mom. This healing
came as a miracle in my life. It healed me Emotionally, Mentally & Physically. Also it
opened new doors & horizons of different Universe to me. It was the time for my
Spiritual Awakening.
With Reiki my Spiritual journey started. Soon Divine introduced me to Tarot Cards,
Magnified Healing, Lama FERA, Melchizedek, Violet Flame, Crystal Healing, Angel
Healing, Angel Card Reading, Auto Writing, Chakra Healing, Hand Writing Reading,
Radical Healing, Family Constellation and Hypnotherapy & Past Life Regression.
It’s an amazing world which unfolded its mysteries with every new step that I took.

What I Do

And as it says that all roads lead to Rome so in 2011, I was introduced to the most powerful healing modality “THETAHEALING”. With THETAHEALING so much wisdom
& knowledge came in my life. It really touched my Heart & Soul. I feel so blessed that Divine, Universe, The Creator Of All That Is & My Soul gave this blessing to me. Every time I become a channel of healing for myself and for others I’m filled with Gratitude. With each class that I teach I learn so much which uplifts me in all the areas & aspects
of my life. I’m truly feel blessed that this blessing is there in my life.