If you’re struggling with negative thinking, it’s time to put an end to it once and for all! Negative thinking has been shown to hinder happiness and make people more prone to anxiety, depression, and even social anxiety disorder. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to rid yourself of the negative way of thinking so that you can start feeling happier, more successful, and less stressed out. Follow these 10 steps below to learn how to let go of negative thinking once and for all!

1) Use Positive Language

What you say is so important—even if you don’t realize it. It’s almost as if our subconscious mind registers every word we say, whether we are aware of it or not. Use positive words and stay away from negative ones! Instead of saying I can’t do it, try saying, I will figure out a way. When you start seeing yourself from a more optimistic perspective and begin speaking positively, your actions will start changing too.

2) Think Bigger Picture

It might be easy to get wrapped up in your own personal struggles, but remember: They don’t matter. Sure, you can take time to tackle one or two problems at a time, but don’t let it hold you back from seeing larger issues that need your attention and help. Once you do that, focus on finding solutions. If there is something greater than yourself out there worth believing in (and there is), then negative thinking won’t stand a chance.

3) Avoid Negativity

If you find yourself surrounded by negativity, it can be easy to get caught up in it. The next time you find yourself in a negative situation, ask yourself what about that situation is positive. This can help put things into perspective and make it easier to detach from those negative feelings.

4) Don’t Dwell On the Negatives

When we’re experiencing negative thoughts, it can be difficult to take an objective perspective. Remember that our brains are wired to focus on what’s wrong and that our thoughts might not reflect reality. Keep a journal and write down your negative thoughts—then read them back out loud and imagine what you’d say if you were talking with a close friend who was going through a similar situation. This is one way to gain clarity about your thoughts and separate yourself from them.

5) Watch Your Thoughts Turn Into Feelings

When you’re feeling down, take a moment to track your thoughts. Did something someone say make you feel bad? Did you remember a past failure? Whatever it is, write it down. The next time you notice yourself thinking in a negative way, stop and say: This thought is making me feel ___; I choose to turn my thoughts around. Write out another way you could view your situation or what happened, and focus on that instead.

6) Look At The Bright Side Of Life

Humans are naturally biased toward negative thinking; in fact, studies have shown that we’re three times more likely to recall negative experiences than positive ones. This tendency can hurt us, since it’s been linked with all sorts of mental health issues—including a higher risk of depression and anxiety. (1) To let go of negativity, try cultivating gratitude by journaling about something positive you experienced every day for 10 minutes. Studies show that writing about three good things at a time can help you feel more optimistic.

7) Give Yourself Some Love

The best way to stop thinking negatively is to shift your focus from yourself onto something or someone else. Research shows that spending time helping others can actually make you more self-compassionate—and less critical and negative about yourself. If you want to change your thoughts, try changing your perspective with a volunteer opportunity.

8) Be Grateful For What You Have

Being thankful is a quick, effective way to curb negative thinking. Instead of dwelling on what you don’t have or haven’t accomplished, focus on everything you can be grateful for. Whether it’s your family, your job, or even something as small as clean water—count your blessings every day. And when a negative thought creeps in, take time to be thankful and remind yourself that things could always be worse; it will help you gain perspective and put those nagging thoughts into perspective.

9) Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Oftentimes, we see others living a better life than us and can feel like our life isn’t going anywhere. Comparing yourself with others is an easy way to make you feel miserable about your own situation. Don’t let jealousy or envy take over your mind. Instead, start thinking about ways you can improve your own situation and not worry about what other people are doing. If you practice being happy with where you are in life, then you will be happier overall.

10) Take a Healing Session

This method, according to Healing Touch practitioners, balances and realigns energy flow that has been interrupted by stress, pain, or illness. The procedure clears obstructions in the energy field, putting the patient in the best possible position to heal. It will let you clear your negative thinking pattern, completely.